Great Content Makes a Great Website

If you have ever been told that great content makes a great website that people will want to visit again and again, you should take note, because it's true!

It goes even further than that, because from an SEO standpoint, the regular addition of really good, relevant and useful content is favorable to the likes of Google when it comes to ranking a website in its index.

Wanted: Fresh New Content!

creating great contentIn fact, one of the most consistently successful ways of keeping your site on that first page of the SERPs once you got it there is to keep the content fresh and new.

And when you want to attract lots of organic traffic need to be on page one of the search engine results.

Google is constantly on the look-out for sites that have fresh, new and relevant content to the topic they are about.

And whether that content is really radically new and exciting never heard before information, or whether its the same old same old rehashed and repackaged like just about every Internet Marketer out there is doing, they will generally lift the sites that provide it over the ones that don't.

Google Wants What Attracts Visitors

It's a simple fact of life. Keep your content fresh any way you can and your site or blog will stay high, which is especially interesting if you are blogging to make money!

Ignore your site and don't add any fresh content in there for a while and watch your baby slide down the chute.

It doesn't take long to slide down that slippery slope into the nether regions of obscurity. There you will join all the rest of the unproductive webmasters who can't be bothered to write some stuff once in a while to populate their sites with!


Oh, and one other about thing that content. You want it to be as optimized as possible without overdoing things.

That means it should contain enough of your main and secondary keywords as you can without obviously keyword stuffing or making it look spammy. That'll just get your site flagged as junk which you definitely do not want if you desire any chance to rank with it.

Ideally, no matter whether the content is meant as an information piece or a recommendation for a product or service from an affiliate marketer, or even a review of a super affiliate tuition course, what's written on the page should make perfect sense and be useful to the visitor. what's written on the page should make perfect sense and be useful to the visitor.

Readable and Useful

However, as for your content itself, you want it to be readable, of course, or you'll just end up with all the rest of the badly written unintelligible sites that seem to inhabit the realms of page two hundred plus (in the SERPs).

You know the ones I mean? Well, that's a bit unfair, but it happens!

When your site is new it won't suddenly jump out and appear on page one, no matter how many back-links you have in the beginning. The search engines take time to spider all those links and if Google thinks you got them too fast, chance are your site will go to the sandbox!

Real People Will Be Reading

So let's get back to the content side of things. It's very easy to keep slipping in your keywords all over the place to try and keep your site ranking on page one and not writing the best grammatically correct English.

Just be mindful of the density and keep it low enough to pass inspection and you'll be fine.

Another aspect of good content to get your site onto the front page is by using great written articles to attract readers from different places and even collecting hundreds of loyal feed readers. This creates a good interaction metric that Google is aware of and one that will rank your site better.

Direct your energy and enthusiasm into less competitive niches where you stand a better chance of getting onto the front page and attracting genuine organic search traffic that will click on your ads and affiliate links and that way your content will make money for you in time.

Maybe it's not the fastest way of doing things, but it will grow steadily over time, which is the only way to do it after all.


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