How to Make Money Online for Beginners

I want to explain how to make money online for beginners in simple terms so that you can see how easy it can be as long as you're committed to taking the appropriate action and put in the work where it's needed.

If you simplify complex topics and add value to people's lives, you can make a lot of money.

The simple solution to online money making is being offered to you (that's more value in your life, more money).

This is what we will be focusing on as we discuss the starter methods.

While there are many ways to make money like launching a mobile app, this requires a lot of to make money online for beginners

How to Choose Your Niche or Topic

THE most important part is choosing the core topic you are going to target. Think about how you plan to write or talk about it. This step is often overlooked.

You want to write and create content about what you like. This is how I got started.

Think about it, if you did market research about what people want to read, you would be way ahead.

This is the bottom line: Relationships, health and wealth.

This is the foundation on which all things revolve. The problem is that as a topic, it's too broad.

Get Focused

It is important to "niche down." By that I mean narrow your field of subject matter down a lot.

Blogs can be very broad and cover many topics. This is a good idea, but it takes some time.

You need to narrow down to become faster.

Say you decide to go with "the fitness niche." It's feels lucrative, but as a subject, it's just way too broad.

Narrow it down to, "the fitness niche for married men who can't afford to go to the gym but use home equipment," for example. That is the one you should choose.

People will buy more from you if they feel that they are being addressed directly with the topics you discuss.

This is what I don't like about it. You target a niche to make money and then spend the cash on whatever you want.

Personality is key. You will be able talk like they talk and get interested in the same topics. Even if you don't make any money, you will still be adding value and content to your website.

My blog posts are not written to make a sale. They are written because I enjoy talking about it.

This is your "why", not your "what".

It is more important to know why you do something than what you do.

How to Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

This is the easiest, but not necessarily fastest way to make your money online.

What you really need:

You have two options: ask an influencer selling stuff via Gumroad or JV Zoo to add you as an associate partner or check Clickbank or any other vendor.

It all depends on the purpose of your affiliate program.

Information Products or Physical Products

You are really promoting someone else's product, and getting a commission for every sale. Because you increased their reach. Both sides win.

It can be done on your website, or via social media.

Step-by-Step Guidance for Affiliate Marketing

Bonus tip: Buy a ″.com″ domain from It makes the domain look more serious, and it will cost you under dollars a year.

I get what you are thinking. "This requires constant work and effort though?"

Yes, affiliate marketing is not passive income at this stage.

To make money, you must promote your business constantly.

Affiliate marketing, especially once you've been trained up correctly in a super affiliate system can now be passive, with the next step being blogging.


Writing articles on your laptop can make you incredibly rich. You can do it anywhere in the world.

This is what I do. This has helped people become multi-millionaires.

What you really need:

Let me be honest, I have a limiting belief. "Is it too saturated?"

Yes, there are many blogs. There are probably many blogs in your niche. I did venture into the saturated niche of self-improvement and was quite successful. You wouldn't be here if you didn't.

It was five years ago that was the best time to create a blog. Now is the best time.

To be ahead of your competition, you need to have these two things:

  1. Unique OR controversial stance (or both)
  2. Make plans for the future

This blog was started by me talking about making a passive income from the Internet. This topic is popular and attractive, but to too many people. However, I knew right from the start that I didn't want this to be a constant topic.

Do not try to be everything to everyone. Write for your audience.

Planning years in advance is the second key part. I am currently writing posts that I believe will become a reality in 2-3 years.

Why is this important? This will allow you to rank higher in Google for specific terms before they become commonplace.

Google considers content that has been online for a long time more trustworthy and drives more searchers to it.

You Are Ahead of the Market

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is essential to make money blogging. You are still active if your entire traffic comes from Twitter or IG, and the content you post.

Our blogs should bring in passive income. Google is required to provide us with unique visitors each day.

To win, use a SYSTEM! You can learn more here: Earn $5,000 per month using a system!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Making Money Blogging

Although this may seem more costly, it's better to have a system that works (my blog uses it) than trying to figure everything out all by yourself. These are just a few steps to help you get started, but they will only be 1% of your success.

Here's how to do it yourself if you are looking for the long way.

A host is where your website is hosted. Hostgator Hosting is my preferred host. They are well-known for providing the best WordPress hosting.

Preparation: Click this link to go to Hostgator Hosting and sign up for the basic plan.

They will then ask you whether you already have a domain name or if it is something you would like to buy.

All my domains are purchased through I then add them to WordPress later. This is your decision.

Continue buying and you are all set!

Write a review such as this if you want to make money by affiliating. As I have already explained. You can also make it an article. It makes it personal.

"The real money is in the products you make."

It is true.

Before you spend time and effort creating your ebook, I suggest building the traffic source. This could be your blog or social media.

You can start creating your products once you have noticed traffic.

This is an important aspect of blogging. It may take several months or even years to make any visible green bills. Google will still consider your blog active if you keep adding new content. Resilience and patience are essential.

Drop Shipping/Print-On-Demand

Drop shipping allows you to sell real products. It has seen a huge rise in popularity over the years.

But if done right, it can still bring in millions of dollars. It's especially important if you make it a brand with a theme.

Print-On-Demand works exactly the same way for products such as T-Shirts, mugs and others.

Drop shipping allows you to sell your products without having to store them in a warehouse. Drop shipping allows you to ship your products from China, usually after the customer has purchased it from your shop. This means that you only need to drive traffic towards your shop.

What you really need:

The estimated cost: I wouldn't recommend spending less than $1,000 on this project. It will be necessary to try out products and make a lot of mistakes.

Drop shipping isn't easy but can bring in millions if done right. This is what attracts people to drop shipping.

Drop shipping: A guide (very rough) that will take you step by step

Remember this. This is very simple. You will need to take a few steps yourself. You won't succeed if you don't know how to do it yourself.

You will need to put in some effort to run an online business. It's easier than running a business.

Selling Services (Agency)

You can easily start your own online agency and make huge amounts of money from anywhere in the world. True freedom.

This is the fastest way to make big money.

This is how you can quickly make $3,000 per month if you do it right. It all depends on your mindset, which I will explain later in this article (so stay tuned!)

Your skills are sold to businesses. You don't sell your skills to random people.

What you really need:

Personally, I would recommend copywriting as a starting point.

It is a powerful skill that persuades people with words. And it is very well-paid.

You only need a website and Google Docs.

In the past, I sold websites. If you do it well, it can be a great business. However, you will need certain skills and some visual creativity.

You can also begin with copywriting and add selling websites. Then add marketing and SEO. These can represent a hugely profitable skill-stack.

Your knowledge can also be sold as an agency. If you have an advantage in trading cryptocurrency, you could sell that knowledge.

It is important to show people how it works.

After you have been trained in a Martial Art, it is possible to create and sell online courses.

There are many ways to teach people and sell knowledge.

Online agencies are simply a way to sell your skills online. You are a better teacher.

You can also sell your agency if it becomes too profitable.

It is never a mistake for you to have an exit plan.

This guide will show you how to create your own online agency.

Here's how I would do it.

Learn Copywriting

There are many courses. There are many courses out there. I tried many.

Pro tip: To build your portfolio, offer 3-5 clients free work. Once you have increased their sales, you can share your success with others and earn a commission.

You can easily charge them 3-4 digits for services once you have them on the phone. Particularly if their copy is already more profitable. To learn more about how to value your services, see the section on impostor syndrome.

You can easily make tons of money by repeating the steps.

You can add SEO or selling websites to your existing skills.

Turn your income into an agency once you have made some decent money. You can create a course that will help you onboard your new staff members without spending too much time.

There are Other Ways to Make Money Online

These aren't the only options. There are many creative and crazy ways to make money on the Internet.

Be creative!

Consider the following: Everywhere you go, consider how money is made. The place where money flows.

Calculate how much money you make at Starbucks. The product, its origin, logistics, staff and marketing.

You can rewire your brain to get money flowing everywhere.

You might get a fresh idea.

You Must Avoid Beginner Mistakes

Long-term thinking is not possible when you want to quickly make money. Perhaps you are in dire need of money right now.

Big mistake.

To bridge the financial gap, you can either wash dishes or work as a waiter.

This is the beginning of a business. It will take time. You will lose the key part if you rush.

This business will be passive over the long-term.

This can lead to a loss of income in the short-term.

An Example

I want my articles to be set up in a way that Google long-term sends tons of traffic to my blog.

I have made the same mistake before to quickly get a product out there so I can make quick money. This delayed my Google SEO setup and put me out of business long-term.

You must ensure that your business is sustainable at all stages of its life cycle. However, don't forget the end goal.

Shiny-Object Syndrome

People quickly fall for the shiny object syndrome when they make their first online bucks. This is your consumerist mindset.

When you have a little money you feel like "Alright, let us buy this course." Let's get this gimmicky website-app.

You may think that the $500 DSLR camera is what you need to look better after you have made your first few dollars with your YouTube channel. You can spend hours on a logo to help you start your blog. You can have a fancy theme, but a terrible design.

This is known as the shiny-object syndrome. This is because you'll rationalize how these things will bring you more money.

They won't.

You can trust me. I purchased fancy items that seemed to improve my blog, products and quality. My blog's design was my first priority. It didn't make me more money.

Money is driven by content. You don't have to buy fancy stuff.

They are available for purchase once you have earned enough money to buy them. Keep your business small and save money.

Opportunity Cost

Although this term can be difficult to quantify, it is a crucial concept when you first start your career.

This means that you will incur a higher cost (or lose profit) if one action is chosen over other actions that have brought in more money.

Example: 3 hours of Netflix watching instead of working on your company's business is a significant opportunity cost.

It is difficult to quantify the possibilities because it is impossible to know what might have happened. Perhaps you had an idea that changed your life. You met someone while networking on Twitter that you could have made millions with.

It's impossible to predict what might happen.

The opportunities you miss are only the beginning of what you will lose if you waste your precious time making bad decisions.

This includes starting too many projects at once instead of focusing on one thing that will make it successful.

Many startups and new entrepreneurs have been destroyed by the opportunity cost.

Do not be one of them.

Value your time. Focus on one thing. It is easy to start too many things at once.

Here are some ideas to help you make money online.

You can choose one and keep it for at most a year.

In my early years, I tried too many things and didn't stay with any one of them for long enough. Only after I made the decision to stay with my core business for a while, and stayed focused on that, did success begin.

A key ingredient of success is focus.

Give it time, don't rush. Give your time to only one thing.

How to Price Your Offer Without Suffering Impostor Syndrome

Money does not make you evil by itself. It's not wrong to charge money for your time. Beware of the impostor syndrome.

Some people believe that all knowledge should be freely available. You are an evil capitalist when you charge money to purchase your products.

People who don't value themselves and their time enough will say this. Projection.

I value my time. Because I invest a lot of time and effort in my products, I expect to be compensated. In hard cash.

My products are free. You can get your information from another source.

You don't have to charge money or set proper prices for the products you offer. Anybody who cheap-talks you is trying to bring you down because their products stink.

Here's something I found: People don't take garbage as a gift.

Many of the pages-worth of information I've provided is free. Think about this article. Writing it took me many days and many hours. It is still 100% free to read and download from my site.

Sign up for my email newsletter to receive a free eBook. I have conducted free consultation calls.

However, the majority of people don't take action on this knowledge. It's essentially motivation power and mental stimulation.

Coaching cost $5k and single courses $2k. It was a lot, but I felt the need to make it worthwhile. I was motivated to put the information into practice and to use it because I didn't want to waste the money.

This is the moment in self-improvement, when people give away whole courses and hours of video content.

They are praised online, and they have many followers. But they don't make any money. The worst part is that they rarely take action.

It was all a waste of effort.

Be a different type of guy. You want people to apply your knowledge and take action. To create something from themselves.

You'll be called an evil capitalist. If it helps them to use the information, then you are a saint.

Yes, I did call you a saint for asking money.

It is perfectly acceptable. This limiting belief must be eliminated.

You attract what you give away. Free stuff attracts freeloaders. It is more common to be perceived that your stuff is more expensive than it actually is.

It sounds like immorality. It's just the business. I didn't create a dark world, I simply used the tools that I had.

Your products should be priced 20% higher than what you think is fair. This is usually the sweet spot.

Not Focusing on Money

You will initially be focused on money. It's easy to get the first few dollars online. It was me.

While it is okay to make money, you should not rely on it. You shouldn't depend on it, especially if you are an online business.

Focus on the value of your money, not making it. Focus on adding value, simplified.

Make life easier for people, and you will make their lives more enjoyable.

You will make a lot of money if you stop worrying about money.

It's the paradox of the Universe.

Success is not possible if you are lacking in the right mindset.

Do Not be Weak

Are you a winner or a loser? Are you a winner? Or are you going to give up on every obstacle and adversity that you face?

This is the most important.

Many men have started an online business, but then lost their way and fell back into videogames.

Online business can be difficult. It is not possible to be complacent. It is a brutal competition at all times.

You can rest assured that 100 people have sent a cold email to potential clients. Make your mark. Give it your all. Keep going. Fail forward.

People often say that business is self-improvement. You must also improve your self-employment.

You can learn new skills and also improve your personality.

You will never succeed online if you're a quitter.

It is hard to be successful at something.

Every day of my existence, I work on my business. I have no rest days. Sometimes I don't feel like working.


Because that is my purpose.

This is why I stated that your "why" was so important. There will be a lot of challenges. You won't find motivation to get there.

Discipline is.

You will not succeed if your character is weak.

Online business is hard. It will challenge you and make you a mess.

Freedom was never given to anyone. Freedom is the price of blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice. For your freedom, you will always have to fight.

Don't be a quitter. Don't be like your ancestors.


It's a good idea to start with affiliate marketing. A simple landing page should be created with a review about the product that you are affiliating.

This is the easiest way to learn and sharpen your skills.

It is temporary. It is designed to help you get an idea in your head.

You can then choose from any of the methods I have described. It is up to you which one you prefer.

These are the things to remember:

This guide will show even a complete beginner how to make money online.

I just gave you a pretty easily readable blueprint. Be one of those people who act's on free knowledge and prove it to yourself!


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