Make Money Doing Online Surveys Working at Home

Can you really make money doing online surveys?

What is the best way to earn an income taking surveys online while working at home on a computer and is it easy?

As a form of income that can be created by working at home without the encumbrances of a regular job, this can be quite rewarding. Remember, that working from home means no more commuting, suffering the indignity of having to work set hours and being watched over by a supervisor among other things, this is a strategy that can free a person from those restraints!

So let's look at how you can earn some cash by taking online surveys for those companies that will pay you for your work.

The Importance of Surveys

Surveys are very important for researchers because they represent a really good indication to support whatever it is that they are studying or researching. At times, they can prove something that is very important to the world.make money doing online surveys

Surveys are also used by entrepreneurs engaged in online marketing to know which product will sell the most, or which is the best among a certain niche/product type. They can sometimes clear a debate in an endless argument by experts for topics that are difficult to comprehend which is best or which is right.

They enable marketers to ask people to vote for the best argument and simply clear the debate, which is one type of a survey. Most of the time though, surveys are used for research.

Let's face it, we all know that research is one of the best inventions in the world because this improves how humanity should live, or let’s just simply say, it improves science that we used day by day.

The Go To Tool of Researchers

So with all of these advantages of conducting a survey, many researches are trying their best to gain clear intentions of the public on the best or most popular way to move forward. Since the Internet is a huge resource that provides an insight into public opinion, researchers figured out that they can conduct their research using carefully crafted questionnaires taking the form of the well-known online survey.

Unsurprisingly, these researchers and marketing strategists are willing to pay for your answers for their research!

Online surveys are popular nowadays for sure, but only a relatively few people are actually monetizing this means of making money online.


Because people are either unaware or a little afraid of jumping in on this potentially lucrative form of income generation that can be produced when working from home.

How to Take Surveys Online and Profit from Them!

In this article, it is my intention to teach you the simple steps involved in how you can make some money by taking online surveys, such as those provided by Survey Junkie, SwagBucks, InboxDollars, etc. Here are three general steps on how to make money taking online surveys:

  1. Preparation

    So your first very step in online survey money making is to complete a set of preparation questions designed to assess whether you are able and capable of doing the task. Researchers do studies for us to have a good improvement of whatever it is that the said study is related into.

    For example; before we thought that man cheats more than a woman, but later on through studies and surveys we come to realized that the number of men being cheated is equally related to the number of women being cheated by their partners. So you can see how important survey can be!

    As much as we know how important they are, it is really important that researchers will filter out the participants that merely make things up or fill in just any old thing from those that are honest enough to do a real survey. Remember that this is a real study, so these companies will surely try their best to assess you of whether you’re prepared enough to do an honest survey or not.
  2. Legitimate sites

    As I mentioned in the last part of step number one, the surveys themselves need to come from legit/formal sources. So if these researchers/companies are doing their best to filter their contractors such as you, you should do your best as well to assess whether or not these sites are legit or will pay you as well.

    By the way, the worst part of doing online survey is not being fooled by employers who are not going to pay, or intend using your identity or answers in a nefarious way. The worst may even attempt to blackmail you for the sensitive answers that you might shared to them!

    So it is very important to assess them of whether they can be trustworthy not only by the money that they promised, but also the confidentiality that they offer.

    Such ways to check if it is a legit site is through checking the search results; survey sites that are placed high in the search index usually means there are lots of visitors in that site every day and that the site is being used by a lot of people.

    Avoid any survey site that asks you to pay them to take their surveys or see their listings. They should be the one paying you, so you should not spend a single dime on them!

    Deal only for money. Some rogue sites may offer gift cards or vouchers instead of cash, some even promising to grant you an online lottery ticket as payment. Look for the minimum payment amount in cash and look at their ratings by other sites or blog owners that have reviewed them.
  3. Registering

    The final point is about registering. Some companies will have age restrictions, country or location restrictions etc. Be sure that you meet all their requirements first before registering or else you may find that you are just wasting your time.

    Remember that there are surveys that are only limited for a certain requirements. It can happen that you may never be able to meet any of those requirements in the listings.

    So if you just registered without reading their terms of service, then you might just get frustrated if you couldn’t even have a single listing because you lack a single requirement for participating in such survey, so be sure to keep that in mind as well!


So these are your three basic steps to making money working from home by doing online surveys. Some of you might think that these might be a little of basic, but they are deliberately kept simple so you can follow them.

These are all that you will need to consider. So after reading all this, chances are you will now know that doing an online survey is a lot easier and more accessible than you previously believed.

Of course not!

So if you like this article, or if you've learned something from this, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin (using the buttons below) or any other social media you have an account with. It will be much appreciated, thanks!

Once you get started taking surveys, your earnings will start small but will increase over time as you get more efficient and gain expertise.

Remember, something worth doing is worth doing well. So do your best and always strive to improve your work rate and your income will improve to match!


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