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This section of the site will deal with all aspects of working at home that includes all types of work at home jobs and opportunities for earning an income, the lifestyle, the necessities and in fact anything related to working from home!

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I'll be covering many aspects of this theme in the collection of articles and this section will continue to build into a useful repository of valuable information for anyone wanting to work from the comfort of their own home and leave the days of employers and commuting far behind them.

It's aimed mainly at home working beginners, but will also be useful for intermediates as well as some of the pros in this business who might surprise themselves by learning something they didn't already know by reading a different take on the same old same old!

So join me if you will on a journey through the intricate windings of this fickle yet fascinating subject of the many ways to earn an income by working at your home via the Internet.

Oh yes, did I mention that working from your own abode might actually be a very effective way to make money online?

Why Work at Home

For anyone who is considering working at home, let's take that old bull by the horns and take a look at why you'd want to do it at all, then look at the pros and cons that make up the argument for and against.

Well as concepts go, it is probably stating the obvious to a lot of people because there are lots of reasons to work from a home office space and make a full time income doing so!

So why does anyone want to carry out their business from their home?

No Commuting Hassle

no more commuting to workI mean being able to earn a full time income while you run your own business as an alternative to working at an office, or factory, or construction site, or driving a public service vehicle, or a taxi, or a train, or selling stuff door to door or working in a shop or department store etc.

In other words working at something that takes you away from your home for however many hours a day, so many days a week.

Well, the first thing that springs to mind is that you straight away save time that you'd otherwise spend commuting to and from your job. In many cases that can account for upwards of an hour or two every day.

That time can be spent sleeping an extra hour if you need it, or doing some morning exercise or taking the dogs for a walk, or if you want, start work earlier and get more done.

When you take the commuting time out of the daily equation, you have that time back to yourself so you get to choose how you're going to spend it. That's the first plus point on the side of being able to work this way.

There is no minus point unless you actually enjoy commuting back and forth to a job every day. No, I didn't think so!

Work When You Want to Work

The next nice thing about being able to work in your own place is you get to choose your own working hours. Now that doesn't mean you can just sit at your desk and doodle on a sheet of paper for a couple of hours and then say to yourself,

"That's enough for today," and then go out for the rest of the day!

You have to exercise a little self discipline and still do a day's work, but the length of your working day is flexible, especially if you are truly working for yourself and not for a company that allows you to take your work away with you.

In the latter case, you would still have to put in the eight or so hours a day. The difference is that you could probably choose when those hours are.

When you work for yourself, running your own business, then your hours are your choice. All you need to bear in mind is if you don't put enough effort into it, your business could suffer.

So the plus points when you work in a home office are you choose your working schedule rather than having to work a rigid nine to five in an office. The minus points are if you are not very self disciplined you might not do your allotted hours and risk your job or your own business.

The next argument for and against about being able to run a home business is people. When you work from your home-based office, you will often be isolated from anyone except your family.

In an office environment you have work colleagues that you will socially interact with and if you are a sociable person you will lose out when you work at home. So there's a minus point unless you prefer your own company and are happy working alone.

Make More Money

While it's not a given, there is certainly the potential to make more money when working for yourself at home, as long as you have the right work ethic and are prepared to learn all the necessary lessons about how to make money from the Internet.

There are separate articles on this website that go into detail on the various ways of earning cash from your computing device, so I won't expand on the methods here.

If you're interested in learning how to make money from affiliate marketing for example, you can read that article I just linked to.

Let's sum up what we have so far.

Summing Up

Working at home gives you freedom from commuting and rigid working hours and as such you have more of your own time to yourself, whereas if you are a sociable person you will lose out on the social camaraderie of working with others.

Of course there are plenty of self-startup opportunities for you to get started on which you'll find by looking for verifiable sources.

If you are working from home you are less stressed out by travelling to and from a job and can take a break when you want, not when a boss says you can. Don't forget that if you are a social type, then you are more likely to get your job done quicker when working in isolation then have more time free for going out in the evenings and socializing!

Personally, I think the pros far outweigh the cons when you work at home. Even more so when you are your own boss and know that every hour that you put in is for you and not to make someone else rich while you're paid peanuts!

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